Thursday, August 27, 2009

Park City!!!

A few weekends ago we went to park city utah. We met up with zach's old mission companion Cort and his wife Mikell and we stayed in their condo. We had a Blast! We went golfing, lots of shopping, and eating at tons of fun little places!
Zach and I golfing! I just drove the cart... haha that is more fun for me!
Cort and Mikell
Zach and Cort. They had such a fun time together! We had such a blast with them!! Thank you so much Cort and Mikell!!

Domestic Goddess

Yes you are all on the right blog..... I think this pregnancy is making me domestic! Haha! who knows how long this will last but it is hitting me hard right now!
Yes what you see before you is homemade zucchini bread (I made 6 loaves but had already given 2 away) And also homemade peach huckleberry jam!! (I made more but had already given a lot away) Anyways zach and I picked the huckleberries and we made jam! and the crazy thing is that I had a BLAST! I cannot wait to make more jam!! It must be the pregnancy, turning me into a domestic goddess!

Monday, August 17, 2009

30 weeks pregnant!!!

This is our pack and play!! It is so cute! He will sleep in this in our room until he is big enough to sleep in his real crib in his room. Zach put some painters tape up because we are thinking about having some cute light blue and brown stripes painted on the wall.
Here I am 30 weeks pregnant! I seem to never stop growing!! My mom got me this way cute dress from motherhood! Thanks mom!