Monday, July 27, 2009

Annual Mooso Orthodontic Swim Party!

Every year my dad rents out the local swimming pool and has a free bbq and swim night for all of his patients! Here I am in the food line helping handing out the food!
This is a pic of the outside kiddie pool and they also rented some jumpers and a dunk tank!
Here I am with some of the Mooso Orthodontic employees!
This is Becky, She is due a month before I am with a girl! We had to do a belly pic!
Zach and I in front of the dunk tank! We had a blast!!

26 weeks!!

Im 27 weeks now, but this was taken last week. 26 weeks pregnant...still working full time and still squeezing into my scrubs!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Little Baby Boy

Wow!! Just realized that we have not posted any ultrasound pictures of squirt. So here you go, enjoy!

Here is a profile shot with his hand over his mouth. He gets his boy-ish good looks from his father.
This is a pic from the back, he has his weencey little hand over his ear.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting huge!!!

Here I am at 24 weeks. I am feeling so huge. There are days where I just cry. BUT I am starting to feel him move a lot, and Zach got to feel him move too! So I am loving this part of the pregnancy! I m starting to look pregnant instead of just fat. No more sickness either! So things are going great! We are so excited for this little boy!

Happy 4th of July!!

My mom's Birthday is on the 4th of July!! Happy Birthday Mom! We love you so much!
My sister and cousin made this cake for my mom's birthday! So cute huh!? 
Me and my cute sisters!
Our cute little family at the parade! Bentley even wore his flag bandana! We were all dressed so patriotic! We LOVE the 4th of July!
Here is most of our group waiting for the parade to start! They all stayed at my parents house! It was a HUGE party all weekend! We love our family so much!