Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This weekend we got together with some friends and went to "Dr. Slaughter's house of Terror" It was a spook house. And it was pretty dang scary! This is a picture of a creepy man that walked around while we were waiting to get in.
Here are some creepy kids that danced to "thriller" while we we waiting to get in! 
The Boys! 
Travis, Luke, Scott, and Zach
The Girls!
Natalie, Me, Marissa, and Mindi

Emotion Bowl and Halloween!

For those of you not from Idaho Falls, I will tell you what the Emotion Bowl is. It is 2 High schools in Idaho Falls that have a huge rivalry. Once a year is the Emotion bowl where Skyline plays IF in a huge football game. I went to IF and so does my little brother Austin. Here he is with 2 of his friends tying stuffed bears (Skylines mascot) to drag behind his truck to the game.
Here is my little sis Ashtyn (far left) and her friends all dressed up in the IF colors gettin ready for the game! Which by the way IF WON!!! 
Here is Austin and I another night, he was Michael Phelps for a Halloween party. Crazy kid!
Here is our friend Natalie's Mom's house. She goes all out for Halloween! Its a blast to go there! We went there this weekend and watched a spooky movie and had dessert! It was so fun!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Visiting Rylee!!

Zach and our nephew Jace. They have so much fun together! It is so cute!  Jace is a blast! 
Greg, Hailey, Zach and I decided we wanted to go visit Rylee and so we brought dinner to them the other night. We were feeling well and have had the flu shot so we decided this would be a great time! And boy are we glad we went! We had so much fun!
Havin fun together! 
We made cute little spider cupcakes for dessert!
Cute baby Rylee! She is so sweet! She is always in our thoughts and prayers!

So Zach and I can totally not figure out this whole 'Video' Post. So.... If you click on the video below then click on it again when it brings you to another page then press play then you can watch it! haha sorry! If you know how to post a video then please let us know!! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Secondhand Serenade Concert

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Secondhand Serenade Concert Pics!

Here is my cute little sister Ashtyn in the light pink shirt. And 3 of her friends. Zach and I took them to the concert. They LOVED it!! They talk about how HOT the lead singer is the whole way home!
This was a standing concert so we stood there for 3 hours! Zach and I felt too old to be there. But we were actually the average age.. we must be old married people now. Headaches after the concert, sore feet and tired!
Here we are rocking at the concert!! 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cabin Pictures!!

This last weekend we went to our friends Casey and Brianna's cabin on Bill's Island in Island Park. These are some views from the back deck of the cabin. It was so beautiful up there! We went with 4 of our friend couples. I did not take a lot of pictures on Friday and Scott and Natalie had to leave Friday night so I didn't get any pics of them :-( But they were there!  

A cute Pic of the girls! Even Rocca got in the girl pic!!
Zach and Casey eating lunch.
Here is  is the beautiful Mindi! I made her pose for me to I could get a pic of the cool ceiling! We all had such a blast!! 

More Island Park Pic's

It started snowing Friday night so Sat. we woke up to a gorgeous view. There was a lot of snow and even though it was cold and snowing, the boys still wanted to go out on the paddle boats and fish. They didn't last long but they did end up catching 2 fish!
Zach and Luke preparing to enter their paddle boat. Notice the ice in the water!
Here is Casey and Travis boarding their boat.
The view from the women inside a toasty warm cabin. Watching our crazy husbands go ice fishing. 

The Dogs at the cabin

This is Casey and Brianna's English Mastiff. His name is Tonka. He is Benley's age, about 16 months old and he weighs close to 200 pounds. He is supposed to get bigger!!
He is Bentley's friend, and Tonka is a huge gentle giant and plays great with Bentley. This is Bentley trying to reach Tonka's face and smell him.
Saturday morning we were playing inside with Tonka. Notice that he sits taller than our friend Travis who is about 6'2.
Here is another one of Bentley's dog friends who was up at the cabin. This is Ralph E. Wheeler, Casey and Brianna's other dog.
Bentley sporting his new winter coat. He had a blast at the cabin! 

Greg and Hailey's Reception

Zach's big brother Greg's reception at the Loft. We actually forgot our camera when we went to Portland for their wedding but we will get pic's up later when I get copies. Hailey Looked beautiful!
Above and below are pic's of just a few of my many cute little nephews! They were great help!!

My cute hubby!
Zach's sister Amanda and I

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Cute Little Niece Rylee

Many of you might know about Zach's little niece Rylee. She has been diagnosed with Leukemia. She is at Primary Childrens Hospital in SLC with her parents right now. She is such a sweet little girl that is loved by so many. 
A couple months ago Zach and I got a chance to Babysit rylee and her older brother jace. Her parents were going to a temple session in Idaho Falls. We had a blast with them and here are some fun pictures of her.
This is our dog Bentley playing with his cousins. He loves them and wanted to lay under jace's leg as jace and rylee sat on bentley's couch. (They loved that couch)
Rylee and Bentley again. They love eachother so much!
Rylee has been in our thoughts and prayers, we wish the best for her and love and miss her. I thought I would post this so everyone could see what a cute little girl she is, and to ask for everyone to pray for her.