Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashtyn is 14!

Ashtyn turned 14! And this is what she got from our family party! Spoiled girl!! 
Out to dinner at Olive Garden! Of course I made them sing to her!
We took her and her friends to dinner at pizza hut and then went to the 'Shopahollic' movie! It was so fun! (My parents were out of town so Zach, Brittany, and I took them all out!) 
Yummy dinner at pizza hut! We all had a blast!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Ashtyn!!!

This is Ashtyn, my youngest sister! She turned 14 yesterday! Happy Birthday Ashtyn! Here are lots of fun pics of her! Birthday party pics will be coming soon! And yes she does have smokin hot legs! 
Last summer Ashtyn and her friends on one of the Jet Skis! (She is in front)
Ashtyn and I in NYC!
Last summer at a hibachi japanese restaurant in CANCUN!
Ashtyn (far left) and her friends going to the highschool football game!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Zach and I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. We wanted to try something new and didnt want to wait for a long time. When we pulled up all what I could think was 'Skeeeeetchy'. But actually it was pretty good and we had a blast together! 
Zach got me some beautiful roses! And even in our wedding colors!! He is such a sweet guy! I love you so much Zach!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marissa's baby shower and a Saturday night with friends!

Saturday was Marissa's baby shower! We all had so much fun and she got lots of cute little girl stuff! Lots of pink!
Us girls at the shower! We all have so much fun together and we get to get together a lot!
That night we went out to Dinner at Chiz's in St. Anthony. I had never been there before, its a small hole in the wall type place but the food was way good! Also when we met up Zach and Travis noticed that they were wearing almost matching shirts! It was way funny! They would not sit or stand by eachother! But of course I made them get together for a pic for the blog!!
After dinner we went to our friends apt. and the girls played cards while the boys......
played nintendo. Here once again is the twins! The other boys jumped out of the picture! We all had a blast together like always!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night!

We get together with our group of friends quite often and it is always a blast! This last weekend we went to dinner and a movie and ice cream! Then some of the friends fizzled out so it was us and the Eames' left and we decided to go race go karts!!
Mindi and I watching our hubbys race! We sat out for the second race....
Here are the boys having the time of their life! They turned the go karts up to "Turbo" the whole time so the boys were flying!!
Here are the boys after the races! We all had such a great time!!