Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Putting up the tree!

Everyone had to hold the tree up and get soaking wet from all the snow melting, while my dad was busy crawling around under the tree building a tree stand out of 2x6's.  It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. 

Cutting down the Christmas Tree!!

Every year my family cuts down an 18 foot Christmas Tree in the Mountains. It is so fun! This year we went a little past Alpine Wyoming. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive each way. But it was a Blast!! And this is the Tree!!!
My mom, Ashtyn, Austin, and Bentley in the background
Here is the tree all loaded up on the trailer behind the car. Notice that the tree is longer than the car! 
Zach and Austin getting ready to tie down the tree to the trailer
Here is everyone waiting for my dad to back up the trailer to load the tree. Everyone is so tired from pulling the tree out of the woods to the road. We had such a fun time!

Cutting down the Christmas Tree pics

Here is an action shot of Bentley running around in the snow. He absolutely loved it! He even found a rabbit and chased it around. And yes, those are little snow boots! He wore 2 coats and some snow boots! 
Here is another action shot! A pic of the tree falling down! 
Sorry, these pics are a little out of order. Here is Zach taking his turn sawing the tree down!
Another cute pic of our son! Enjoying playing in the snow. The snow was so deep that he had to hop like a bunny!
After playing in the snow Bentley got a little cold! So I zipped him up in my coat. Isn't  his coat so cute with the fur around the hood! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Every Thanksgiving the Mooso's play Bingo. It is so fun! This is zach and I with some of our winnings from the bingo game!
Here is the Bingo prizes! There were tons!
Zach and I enjoying the game! 
My little sister Ashtyn and my cousin Rylee made the cutest gingerbread houses!
....with some help from zach the perfectionist!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Mooso Thanksgiving fun!

This is my beautiful Grandma,cousins,aunts and my mom and I! We made a way cute decorative block. (You can see it in the picture above)My mom got all of the stuff from porters! We were having a girls craft night and we were loving it! The boys were downstairs having fun of their own...playing shooting games on the xbox!

There were 23 people that stayed at my parents house during Thanksgiving. It was a total Blast! So instead of sitting all of us into the dining room we decided to run 3 tables down the middle of the living room. It worked perfect!
These are the turkey cookies that zach and I made! We were so proud of them! They were not only cute but also very yummy!
And here are all the Mooso's eating a wonderful thanksgiving meal! Zach and I went out to menan earlier and had out thanksgiving at 1:00 there, then came down to my parents and had it again at 5. Both meals were amazing but we were sure full!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mooso Bowling Time!!

All the Mooso's came to my parents house for Thanksgiving! We had a blast together like always! While everyone was here we went Bowling! This is my mom and I with the babies of the group! My cute cousins Jovie and Carson! They are so fun!
My cute cousins Rylee and Jovie!
Cute cousin Colden!
A pic of part of the group! We had so much fun bowling together!
Here is Zach getting ready to bowl! He did so good! He got the prize for the best score!

Zach's Birthday!!

Zach turned 25 on 11-12-08. He is such a wonderful husband! He is such a great guy and I know that he will be an awesome dad! I love him so much! 
Here he is with his cute pooh birthday cake that my mom got him! It was my birthday on the 20th (pic's will come later maybe!) and in october we got each other iphones. So those were our gifts from each other!
We went to Iggys for dinner and then went to my parents house for cake and presents! He also had another party at his parents house the sunday after! He walked away loaded this year! It's ok, he deserves it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Night

Here is our cute little pumpkin! Yes of course we got Bentley a costume! He hated his costume. He was so embarrassed in it that he would not look at me to take a pic so I had to hold his head up. We had fun at my parents house handing out candy to all the cute kids. We counted up all the empty candy boxes at the end of the night.....and there were 520 tricker treaters! Yes 520!

Halloween Party #3

We had another halloween party! It was so fun! There were some great costumes! We have so much fun with our group of friends! And here we are with the Ken and Barbie costume again!  
Figuring out the timer on the camera!
Brianna and Adria's cool vampire teeth!
The group picture!!
Another pic of us!

Halloween Party #3

Here are the girls at the party!
The boys playing poker!
Here is my dessert I brought! Kitty litter no bake cookies!
Here is mindi's dessert.They got a little melted, they were way cute witch ice cream cones! 
And here are Whitney's cupcakes. They were so cute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Party #2

My Dad's office does a big Halloween party every year. They decorate their office hard core! They have a Halloween party for all of the referring Dentists and their staff and feed them all lunch. It is so fun! This is a picture of one of the rooms in the office that they set up tables for people to eat at.
Here is the front desk that they turn into the buffet!
Here are a few of the girls that work for my dad. They are so fun!
Here we are! My sisters and my mom and dad!
My dad dressed up as a vampire this year. He looked awesome! He even made his own vampire teeth!

Halloween Party #1

We went to a Halloween party with some friends from our ward! It was so Fun! I was assigned to bring a fruit salad. So thanks to a lady I work with I decided to do a Fruit Spider! It was a hit and it was so fun to make!
Doing the Limbo at the party. I got 2nd place! 
And here we are! The famous Ken and Barbie! We won the 'Best Costume' Award!!
And here is our group! It was so fun!
Here is another picture of our fruit spider! And we made fruit dip and drew a web on it with frosting!!