Monday, June 30, 2008

Mooso Reunion

This is our game of 'Mountain Golf' It was way fun! All the Mooso's got together at my aunt and uncles cabin in Boise. We all had a blast and we all had way cute Mooso Migration matching shirts!!

Zach and I in our matching shirts.  Zach looks awesome in his work boots with jeans tucked into them.

Playing horse shoes at the cabin.  Zach and Brittany held up the horse shoes so my dad held up Boston like a horse shoe.

This is the Mooso gang, my Dads parents and his three brothers and their kids.  It was a ton of fun with everyone there. 
This is our family picture.


Nicole said...

I want Boise!! Looks fun! I love the pictures and way to go about updating your blog lately! Keep it up, happy fourth and we will probably see you tomorrow at the parade!

Moose Tracks said...

Yeah mooso reunion! That was so much fun. We had a blast with you guys during the 4th. Sorry I couldn't chat with you as much as I wanted. I had to chase Jovie around! ha ha! We have a blog finally. It is It is brand new and I don't know how to do anything yet, but don't worry it will get there! Well take care guys! Hope you have a great week!