Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4th of July Photos!!

My little sisters Brittany and Ashtyn and my Cute cousins Rylee and Colden on our way to watch the fireworks!!
Zach and Bentley taking us to the Fireworks!! My cute boys!
Some of the family watching our very own firework show!!
Brittany, Ashtyn and I. My Cute little sisters! I love them so much!


Moose Tracks said...

Oh barf!! You did not put that pic in of me looking scared of a little popper! Gesh look at my face!! Other than than that cute photos! That 4th of July was so fun! Keep putting up new posts! You know we have a blog now right? http://www.moosotracks.blogspot.com Now we can be blogging buddies! Love and miss you guys!

Nicole said...

You are such a freaking hot momma!!! Miss you.

Hilary said...

Looking at these pictures makes me miss the old neighborhood on the 4th of July! How sad. Those were good times for sure!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog! Its been so long since ive seen you! How are you? I just started the bloggin thing, so well see how well i do at posting things often!

John, Allisha, & Ezra said...

I thought I had better leave a note on your comments since I never have. :)
It's been fun reading your blog. I especially love the dog party that you threw!! Thanks for being so great to Ezra. He talked about you all day after church on Sunday. We should get Justin and Natalie and go out to dinner. Sooner than later. Talk to you soon.

Harris Happenings said...

wow!! you'll have to tell Ashtyn that i LOVE her hair! It;s's adoradle!! =] oh. this is mikayla by the way! lol see ya at the wedding? Bye!