Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cutting down the Christmas Tree pics

Here is an action shot of Bentley running around in the snow. He absolutely loved it! He even found a rabbit and chased it around. And yes, those are little snow boots! He wore 2 coats and some snow boots! 
Here is another action shot! A pic of the tree falling down! 
Sorry, these pics are a little out of order. Here is Zach taking his turn sawing the tree down!
Another cute pic of our son! Enjoying playing in the snow. The snow was so deep that he had to hop like a bunny!
After playing in the snow Bentley got a little cold! So I zipped him up in my coat. Isn't  his coat so cute with the fur around the hood! 


Harris Happenings said...

Nice to have Zach and Bentley in matching boots (pic of Zach cutting tree).
That's a huge tree, but very nice.