Monday, July 27, 2009

Annual Mooso Orthodontic Swim Party!

Every year my dad rents out the local swimming pool and has a free bbq and swim night for all of his patients! Here I am in the food line helping handing out the food!
This is a pic of the outside kiddie pool and they also rented some jumpers and a dunk tank!
Here I am with some of the Mooso Orthodontic employees!
This is Becky, She is due a month before I am with a girl! We had to do a belly pic!
Zach and I in front of the dunk tank! We had a blast!!


The Holms said...

Looking good!

devin24 said...

Squeezing into your scrubs my butt. You look amazing! I just checked my messages. Yes, 25! And yours was my favorite. I'm not going to lie it made me really home sick for a few hours! I miss you guys. I'm so excited to see you in Aug! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to call. It has been a crapy week but I'll call you soon because I am having Shantay withdrawls too! That BBQ is a great idea by the way! And I loved the ultrasound pictures! He definately gets his good looks from his mom...what are you talking about! offense! Well hopefully I will talk to you soon!

devin24 said...

This is Nicole by the way!

Travis and Mindi Eames said...

Hey Skinny! Your starting to look more and more like Niel every day!