Monday, October 26, 2009

More Kingston Pictures!!

I swore I would never be one of those moms that posted TONS of baby pictures, well now i realize that i cant do that! Haha I LOVE posting all these cute pics of him!! I Love his teensyness! So here is a pic of his teensy skinny long legs and feet!
His teensy little head and facial features! This was right before a bath and he HATES being naked and cold!
His teensy skinny long body. These newborn diapers are quite big on him!
Cute faces of Kingston!

Our sweet little sleeping boy!
Almost a smile!!
Cute little yawn!!
All bundled up and ready to go!!


Luke and Marissa said...

I don't care if you only post pictures of Kingston! I haven't seen him in person so I love looking at the cute little pictures. I need to call you. Have things settled down a little? Maybe I'll try calling you this week if that is okay.

Nicole said...

He is so precious!!!! Oh I just want to hold him so bad! He will be drueling when I see him! Kidding. Can you tell that Marissa and I don't have a life and are across the country from you! We are blog CRAZY and comment within minutes of a post! But it is so fun to see you and Kingston! Keep up the pictures. It is impossible to post too many of him! He is adorable. I want to call you too. I'll wait till this weekend or beginning of next.

Moose Tracks said...

Oh what a darling little boy you guys have! We LOVE all the pics so keep them coming! :)

Natalie said...

Okay I new he was teensy but not that teensy!! I can't believe how tiny his little arms and legs are but yet so long! He is going to be a tall boy! And...I love looking at the pictures also...and thats what mom's do is post pictures of their babies! So...Keep the pictures coming! Can't wait to see him at Thanksgiving time!!

Amanda Taylor said...

i could look at these pictures all day! he is such a little cutie. i love how tiny he is. :)

Allisha said...

He's a Doll!! Of course you should post pictures! He's so tiny and cute. That's how Ezra was when he was born. Sure miss you. Need to get over to see you when you feel comfortable with us coming.

Jessica said...

He is so precious! He reminds me of what Ashtyn looked like as a baby. Take lots of pictures because they change so fast!