Friday, November 20, 2009


Kingston in his i love my mummy onesie! He looks so hard core with his mohawk and his Jordan's on!!!
Side shot of the Jordans (he also has them in white!) and of his skinny long legs!
Our cute baby boy!!


Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

OMG Jaylee has some THUNDER thighs compared to Kingston! That's okay though, I love squeezing them! :) Let's get together again soon!

Nicole said...

I am just loving these pictures! Every single on of them! They make me feel like I'm holding him right now and can I say that he is so stinkin cute! Wow! Of course he is dressed to the hilt! I tried to call you, I"ll try again later! Miss you and hope everything is going well!

Scott and Kasie said...

Hi Shantay!! Congrats on your baby boy again!! Kingston is quite the cutie!!! I loved the newborn pictures that were done! So precious!!! And I love him as a lil' froggy. My baby boy was a frog for Halloween too. :) Hope all is going great!! You are looking fantastic!