Friday, December 18, 2009

Kingston 8 Weeks old!!

Our cute baby boy that is growing up way too fast!!
Zach got out the bumbo and wanted to try to put Kingston in it. He couldnt hold up his head very well so I had to help him. Thanks for the bumbo Mccall!!!
Here he is resting his head on the back of the bumbo. And yes he is sporting his new Puma sneakers!! They are so cute!
Not to happy for this picture!
I absolutley love his teensy little features and profile! And boy does he LOVE looking at Christmas lights!!


Luke and Marissa said...

We like the navy/non-white kicks!

Jessica said...

Kingston is so adorable, and so tiny!

Dane & McCall said...

He is sooo little still!! Almost ready for the bumbo:) Can't wait to squeeze him again!

Scott and Kasie said...

I love the outfits on that little guy! He's so handsome! He looks so tiny in the bumbo! My little man just started sitting in his bumbo and he looks HUGE compared to Kingston! lol. You have one cute little boy!

Zach and Shantay said...

Jessica! Hey will you send an invite to your blog to my husbands email?! I want to look at your blog again and see your baby! His email Is