Friday, January 8, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

This face is priceless!! Yes this is a happy Kingston sitting in front of all of his Christmas gifts!!
Yes he was spoiled for Christmas! But he deserved every bit of it!!! He is soo Cute and we love him soo much!! Merry 1st Christmas baby Kingston!!
Bentley got many gifts also, but this blue dragon was his most favorite!! He played with it all morning!!
Santa at the mall!
Christmas morning with our two little boys!!!
This is the look of TRUE JOY!!! Yes, my parents got zach an xbox 360 and he was SOOO excited!! He is a little obsessed with the new Call of Duty game right now!
This is my dad's favorite gift! A new Judge gun with a laser pointer!!!
We had a great Christmas this year and we hope everyone else did too!!


Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

a very spoiled little boy that kingston is! he is getting so big... and he is adorable!!!! I bet your christmas was so much better because of his little spirit!

The Taylor's said...

Kingston found his throne! I have a feeling that he will never want for anything.

Scott and Kasie said...

Kingston just gets cuter and cuter Shantay!!! He's a growing boy! So precious!! Looks like he definitely had a fabulous Christmas!!! Aren't the holidays so much better with little ones around to spoil!?!?!