Friday, April 9, 2010

St. Patricks Day 2010

My mom is so cute!! She goes all out for every holiday! This is her table for the st. pattys dinner! She made a full green yummy dinner! And on all of our plates was an Irish prayer and green treats and CASH! It was so yummy and so fun! Thanks mom!!
Zach and I made Green rise krispies and green ice cream pie!
Kingston and Grandpa in their green attire!!
Then of course we had a st. pattys party with the friends! Here is Jaylee and Kingston right before we left. Both looking tired and ready for bed!
We didn't get a picture before mindi and natalie left. So here is us 3! We had a Green dinner and desserts and played games! It was so fun!


The Madsen's said...

Your mom sounds like my mother in law. Always going all out for everything little holiday she can think of. So fun! For some reason I had a dream the other day about Blazerettes! It was crazy cause your mom was in it and everything. Funny. We had some good times dancing!