Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cancun, Mexico


Bret, Austin and I watching a movie at the airport while waiting for our flight.

A snapshot of the coastline as we were flying into Cancun. 

Brittany, me, Shantay and Ashtyn waiting in the lobby of the resort we stayed at.  It was a beautiful resort and we had a great time!

Holy Chitza Nitza!  Wow, if you ever get the chance to visit this place do it!  It was amazing!  Chitza Nitza is one of the 7 wonders of the world, so that tells you how awesome it was.


This was taken at Tulum, which are some other ruins near by.  Our LDS tour guide Lemuel said this is one of the few city that shows no evidence of human sacrifice, and the city is surrounded by a huge wall that is like 18 feet high and 10 feet wide.  It was pretty cool because the Mayan's built it on a cliff and used that cliff as a natural wall.  Amazing buildings and the ocean was beautiful.


Team Bryan said...

Cute Blog!! You really need to get out more!!I mean, how exotic is Cancun, really? Can you feel the jealousy? Hope so!!

Nicole said...

The ruins looks amazing. That is my life time goal is to go see those ruins. Taylors.....they are as beautiful as I dreamed. Mind if I photoshop me in a ruin pic? Kidding. I love the slideshow too. You are just stepping it up in the blogging world! Good job!

Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

Ohh we are going to Mexico for our Honeymoon! I am getting excited looking @ your pictures! Thanks for the comment! We are trying to get everything ready for the wedding... it's so much work as I am sure you know :) It is sooo good to hear from you, and your blog is so cute! I just got this a few days ago and I am already addicted! Hope to see you soon, it'd be great to catch up!