Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Party #1

We went to a Halloween party with some friends from our ward! It was so Fun! I was assigned to bring a fruit salad. So thanks to a lady I work with I decided to do a Fruit Spider! It was a hit and it was so fun to make!
Doing the Limbo at the party. I got 2nd place! 
And here we are! The famous Ken and Barbie! We won the 'Best Costume' Award!!
And here is our group! It was so fun!
Here is another picture of our fruit spider! And we made fruit dip and drew a web on it with frosting!!


The Taylor's said...

How low can you go? Plus...the fruit spider is too cute. Love it!

Moose Tracks said...

How cute are you guys! Great idea to be Ken and Barbie! That was hilarious! What a cute idea! That fruit spider was adorable! Sorry we couldn't come for Halloween, but we will be there for Thanksgiving for sure! Love and miss you guys! p.s. You totally should have got 1st place for the limbo dance! You are the most flexible person I know! You had my vote! ;O)