Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mooso Bowling Time!!

All the Mooso's came to my parents house for Thanksgiving! We had a blast together like always! While everyone was here we went Bowling! This is my mom and I with the babies of the group! My cute cousins Jovie and Carson! They are so fun!
My cute cousins Rylee and Jovie!
Cute cousin Colden!
A pic of part of the group! We had so much fun bowling together!
Here is Zach getting ready to bowl! He did so good! He got the prize for the best score!


Marci said...

I tagged you!!

Bragbook said...

Hey there Shantay, thanks for sharing your blog with me, How FUN!! I looked at your later posts and you are so Crafty!! Anyway thanks again we will see ya next month!