Monday, April 27, 2009

Brianna's Baby Shower!!

Here is cute little Marissa feeding baby Story!!
Brianna opening one of her many awesome gifts!
Kortnee, Me, Natalie, Marissa, Brianna, Adrea. Its so fun to get together with the girls!


Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

OHHHHH my! Look at those matchie matchies! I felt like such a dork when I was in the SAME shirt as the MAIN LADY!
It was so fun to go with you though! Thanks so much for taking me so that I knew someone! Hope you're feeling better. Get a hold of me soon.

Marissa said...

Totally stealing some pics off your blog. This post and Natalie's shower post.
Thank you.
Hey do you have tomorrow afternoon off? Do you totally want to watch Story for a half an hour while I tan? I know you do.

Travis and Mindi Eames said...

Oh sad I'm not there...! :) Its hard to be away and miss all the fun stuff. Everyone looks so cute! All preggo...! We miss you guys and miss our super fun weekends!