Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Easter!!

This is Bentley's Easter present from my parents! It is so cute! His own little tent! Zach and the other boys got huge kites that we went out and flew and the girls got a homemade purse from my mom! Thanks so much mom & dad!
After church we went on a bike ride to go fly the kites! This is Boston in our basket. Bentley was riding in the basket on zach's bike! We had a blast!
Family Easter Pictures!! Yes we went to church matching, and yes Bentley is wearing a green sweater vest with a button up yellow shirt under it!
Our cute little family of 4! Us and little 13 week old baby taylor!
Dyeing Easter eggs at my parents house! We had so much fun! We love Easter!


Danielle, JK and Kendon said...

haha I love the dog outfit! It looks like you spoil that dog just a little bit!

Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

I love all the pictures! That is one HOT family :) Can't wait to see the little one that is causing you to be so SICK! :) Hope you are feeling lots better, and thanks so much for taking me to Brianna's baby shower and giving me all of that baby stuff! You're the BEST!
OHh and of course I always love hearing your "work" stories! OHHHHH my!

Harris Happenings said...

Um, does Bentley go to church with you? I guess he is old enough for the nursery! :)

Luke and Marissa said...

Nice comment, Harris Happenings.
Also, will Bentley be bringing his tent to the friend camp outs this summer?

Scott and Kasie said...

Congratulations on the baby!!!! That is very exciting news!!! I saw your blog through my cousin Telaine's blog and wanted to say hello!!! Your dog is too cute... I also have a Yorkie but she is a mix with a Maltese. I'm loving the yellow outfit on him. Can't wait to see what you will be having!! You and your hubby look very happy! Take care!