Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bentley!!! Bentley is 2!!!!

We are home from our cruise! But today is bentley's birthday! So of course, this post is more important than the cruise pics right now! Cruise pics are soon to come! This is Bentley and his friend Diesel, they are worn out after a day of playing outside! So cute!
Bentley is so stinkin cute and sweet! Whenever I take a bath he comes in and jumps up on the side and checks on me at least twice. So I hurried and grabbed my phone to take a pic of him.
This was one of his easter presents. He loved his little bunny so much, we noticed him laying on the floor with it and his left paw was over the bunny's back. So cute!
This is Bentley at his first birthday party! If you scroll back way far then you will see the pics from his Birthday party! I went all out. This year we are going to take him to pet smart (his FAVORITE place to go) and buy him a toy!!
This pic is kinda fuzzy cuz its from zach's old phone, but this is when he was a puppy and we put him on the little kid rocking chair in my dad's office. We love Bentley so much!! And I sure hope he is excited for a little brother! I will be surrounded by boys!


Marissa said...

Do us all a favor a clip that dog's toe nails!!!!!!!!!
We are definitely not ones to talk. I just took Rocca in to the vet to get her nails clipped. They were sooooo long, she was filing them joke.

Harris Happenings said...

Happy Birthday Bentley!

Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bentley! His birthday is so close to Diesel's that next year they will have to have a joint party! That picture of Diesel and Bentley is so cute, they must have been WORN out! Such good buddies!
Can't wait to see pictures from the cruise! Lets get together soon! :):):)

Jen Taylor said...

Happy Birthday, Bentley. You have a new cousin! Suprise! We went to the animal shelter and got a yellow lab today. What was I thinking? He's outside barking like crazy, and Bill is gone with all the boys to the Father and son's campout! :)

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Bentley! Surrounded by boys. I will be happy to have you in the club. :)