Thursday, September 10, 2009

Austin's Mission Call!!!

My little brother Austin got his Mission Call!! He is going to the Paraguay, Asuncion Mission!! He is super excited! He will leave on November 18th. So he will get to meet squirt before he leaves! And we are going to try to have his mission farewell and the baby blessing on the same sunday!!


Jeremy and Nicole Stucki said...

Hey you probably don't know me but I know you hubby and he knows my family. My maiden name is Nield and my brother is serving in that same mission right now! They might be comps or something. And that's where Devin Gneiting served too. Small world. If your mom needs any help or advice my mom would love to talk to her. My email is Anyway congrats to your brother!

Jessica said...

Tell Austin Congrats! You'll have to let me know when his farewell will be. You look so great, good luck with the last few weeks.

Moose Tracks said...

How exciting! I had to look up Paraguay, Asuncion. Had NO clue where that was!! South America. We are excited for you Austin, thanks for posting Shantay! :)