Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day weekend Mooso Reunion!!!!

Grandpa Mooso teaching Zach and Ashtyn to make a slingshot!
Tying a quilt out in the sun!
Awwww, cute family picture!
And of course the boys had multiple games of competitive bocce ball! We all had a blast and we love all the mooso's so much!!


Marissa said...

are you guys updating right now!!!!????

Zach and Shantay said...

Heck yes we are!!

Nicole said...

Dear Shantay,
You look amazing. J Annistan called and wants your body! Seriously, you look adorable in all these pictures! I can't believe how fast it has gone, you are seriously so close! I hope you are not nervous, just freakin excited cause with a little medicated help, it's a breeze I swear! And I can't wait to meet Junior!

Mallorie and Aaron said...

How cute are you guys!! our sisters have grown up !! thats crazy you look adorable!!