Thursday, January 28, 2010

An overdue post!

A month before I had Kingston we went to the state fair with our friends and had a great time! Yes that is the zipper we are standing in front of... I watched as everyone flipped around and around!
About a month after I had kingston we had a girls afternoon!! It was a blast! We went out to lunch and then went to Sage Day Spa and got massages!!


Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

Aww sad! I couldn't go to either of these events! I think I was OVERDUE with Jaylee for the fair! haha. We need to do a spa day when I can go! Looks so fun!

Luke and Marissa said...

Thanks for the updates! Cute pictures:)

Travis and Mindi Eames said...

Oh cute pics! I love the fair, I mean a highschool reuion, I mean white trash central! ha ha I really do love the fair! I love our girly days too!!!