Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marissa's baby shower and a Saturday night with friends!

Saturday was Marissa's baby shower! We all had so much fun and she got lots of cute little girl stuff! Lots of pink!
Us girls at the shower! We all have so much fun together and we get to get together a lot!
That night we went out to Dinner at Chiz's in St. Anthony. I had never been there before, its a small hole in the wall type place but the food was way good! Also when we met up Zach and Travis noticed that they were wearing almost matching shirts! It was way funny! They would not sit or stand by eachother! But of course I made them get together for a pic for the blog!!
After dinner we went to our friends apt. and the girls played cards while the boys......
played nintendo. Here once again is the twins! The other boys jumped out of the picture! We all had a blast together like always!


Nicole said...

Okay Shane and Truley are Zack and Shantay in 5 or 10 years!!!!! Beautiful, sucessfull and twins! I had a lot of fun reading that blog for like 5 hours!!! Yeah, it was addicting. Hope you are having a good day. Miss you!

Sheena said...

Chiz's is the best! That sounds so good right now. :)You guys look way cute. Take care.