Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night!

We get together with our group of friends quite often and it is always a blast! This last weekend we went to dinner and a movie and ice cream! Then some of the friends fizzled out so it was us and the Eames' left and we decided to go race go karts!!
Mindi and I watching our hubbys race! We sat out for the second race....
Here are the boys having the time of their life! They turned the go karts up to "Turbo" the whole time so the boys were flying!!
Here are the boys after the races! We all had such a great time!!


Luke and Marissa said...

Please rub it in that my wife is nine months prego and she was tired so we "fizzled-out." Thank you for understanding. -Luke

Nicole said...

Oh, you guys look great in those picture!

Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

Thanks Bentley!
I really appreciate you thinking of me! Although I don't feel like I look very hot, I am pretty sure I still do! Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I hope I get to see you soon!
Diesel Johnson

The Holms said...

Geez Shantay....sorry we "fizzled out" also. Didn't you know that I am 6 months pregnant?