Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashtyn is 14!

Ashtyn turned 14! And this is what she got from our family party! Spoiled girl!! 
Out to dinner at Olive Garden! Of course I made them sing to her!
We took her and her friends to dinner at pizza hut and then went to the 'Shopahollic' movie! It was so fun! (My parents were out of town so Zach, Brittany, and I took them all out!) 
Yummy dinner at pizza hut! We all had a blast!!


Josh and Lyndi Smith said...

So fun. It is so weird to have your little brothers and sisters get so old huh? Ashtyn is darling! Shantay, I miss your smiling face. Come visit me in Utah! Is your sissy still at Utah State? Next time you are here call me and I will do the same the next time we are up. Love you!

Foley Family said...

Oh my gosh she is getting SOO old!! Caitlyn is 17! Our babies are growing up!