Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dogs at the cabin

This is Casey and Brianna's English Mastiff. His name is Tonka. He is Benley's age, about 16 months old and he weighs close to 200 pounds. He is supposed to get bigger!!
He is Bentley's friend, and Tonka is a huge gentle giant and plays great with Bentley. This is Bentley trying to reach Tonka's face and smell him.
Saturday morning we were playing inside with Tonka. Notice that he sits taller than our friend Travis who is about 6'2.
Here is another one of Bentley's dog friends who was up at the cabin. This is Ralph E. Wheeler, Casey and Brianna's other dog.
Bentley sporting his new winter coat. He had a blast at the cabin! 


Luke and Marissa said...

Now, I noticed Rocca didn't get her own shot is this Bentley mad at her or something?