Thursday, October 23, 2008

Visiting Rylee!!

Zach and our nephew Jace. They have so much fun together! It is so cute!  Jace is a blast! 
Greg, Hailey, Zach and I decided we wanted to go visit Rylee and so we brought dinner to them the other night. We were feeling well and have had the flu shot so we decided this would be a great time! And boy are we glad we went! We had so much fun!
Havin fun together! 
We made cute little spider cupcakes for dessert!
Cute baby Rylee! She is so sweet! She is always in our thoughts and prayers!


Harris Happenings said...

Looks like a fun night. Why do Jace and Zach stick out their tongues for pictures?

Marci said...

Way cute Spiders! I love them

Eric and Kortnee Johnson said...

HEY Shanny! I am so SORRY I didn't call you and let you know our plans for Sat night. We were SO busy that day cleaning out my parents storage units, but the time we got home it dawned on me that we HAD other plans! Well to say the least, we got home at like 7 and went to bed at like 8:30! haha. I hope you had fun, I am sorry we didn't make it :) I got the invite to the Party on Sat in the mail... we are planning on stopping by for a few hours before!