Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Secondhand Serenade Concert Pics!

Here is my cute little sister Ashtyn in the light pink shirt. And 3 of her friends. Zach and I took them to the concert. They LOVED it!! They talk about how HOT the lead singer is the whole way home!
This was a standing concert so we stood there for 3 hours! Zach and I felt too old to be there. But we were actually the average age.. we must be old married people now. Headaches after the concert, sore feet and tired!
Here we are rocking at the concert!! 


Harris Happenings said...

You young kids look like you fit in perfectly. Next time, put some Dr. Scholl's padded inserts in your shoes. Just a trick from an old lady! And, who is Secondhand Serenade? Again, old lady.

Danielle, JK and Kendon said...

So my husband tells me that him and your husband have a class together...and they are going to go and play Basketball together tomorrow night! It's a small world! haha