Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emotion Bowl and Halloween!

For those of you not from Idaho Falls, I will tell you what the Emotion Bowl is. It is 2 High schools in Idaho Falls that have a huge rivalry. Once a year is the Emotion bowl where Skyline plays IF in a huge football game. I went to IF and so does my little brother Austin. Here he is with 2 of his friends tying stuffed bears (Skylines mascot) to drag behind his truck to the game.
Here is my little sis Ashtyn (far left) and her friends all dressed up in the IF colors gettin ready for the game! Which by the way IF WON!!! 
Here is Austin and I another night, he was Michael Phelps for a Halloween party. Crazy kid!
Here is our friend Natalie's Mom's house. She goes all out for Halloween! Its a blast to go there! We went there this weekend and watched a spooky movie and had dessert! It was so fun!


Luke and Marissa said...

Man, I can't believe that Austin would go out in public showing so much leg like that...I (Richard) would never do that.