Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Cute Little Niece Rylee

Many of you might know about Zach's little niece Rylee. She has been diagnosed with Leukemia. She is at Primary Childrens Hospital in SLC with her parents right now. She is such a sweet little girl that is loved by so many. 
A couple months ago Zach and I got a chance to Babysit rylee and her older brother jace. Her parents were going to a temple session in Idaho Falls. We had a blast with them and here are some fun pictures of her.
This is our dog Bentley playing with his cousins. He loves them and wanted to lay under jace's leg as jace and rylee sat on bentley's couch. (They loved that couch)
Rylee and Bentley again. They love eachother so much!
Rylee has been in our thoughts and prayers, we wish the best for her and love and miss her. I thought I would post this so everyone could see what a cute little girl she is, and to ask for everyone to pray for her. 


Harris Happenings said...

I just posted a Rylee post, too and thought I was done crying until I read yours! I love the pictures you guys took. Lots of prayers and love have been sent her way.

John, Allisha, and Ezra said...

Isn't this crazy? I feel so bad for Justin and Natalie. What a difficult trial. I just cried when I found out.

Luke and Marissa said...

We wish Justin and Natalie the best and hope and pray for a speedy recovery for little Rylee.

Marci said...

You dog is sooooo cute!~

Bev Taylor said...

hi bentley--grandma taylor is tending me while Mom and Dad and Jace are at church. I have been looking at our pictures and it has made me happy! love rylee